Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wear and tear on the Bear...

All the rain we've had this summer has really taken its toll on the Bear.

His paint is fading... and those marigolds are enormous - growing bigger by the day like some creepy kind of Bear-consuming vegetation...

And yet - that freakish red lipstick they slapped on him is still bright.

There are wild rabbits here - even they don't know what to make of this Bear. I've seen them staring as if they're completely perplexed.

Probably wondering if they too will be captured and transformed into some dorky lawn ornament.

The neighbors had a dog years ago - a yippy little beagle named Radar - wonder what ever happened to him? Bet he's stuffed and mounted somewhere in their house... with a fake houseplant balanced on his nose...

Be careful bunnies - you could be next!

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