Thursday, February 9, 2012

Once more into the abyss...

So you may have noticed that this blog was quiet for a while... because I was working. Yes, after several months, I found a new job. Well, I didn't find it, actually their recruiter found me.

Things were really looking up. I started on January 9th, and after a month I seemed to once again be hitting my stride. It took some adjusting... After a large corporate environment, this company was tiny - I was employee number 8.

But it was interesting and I was learning about a new industry and the people were nice... and it was good money.

I should've known.

A month in, the shit hit the fan.

The small software company I worked for suffered a catastrophic hardware failure. They were forced to spend buckets of cash to replace most of their networking hardware.

Two days later, they realized that the financial loss was greater than they had expected. And they had to make some difficult decisions.

One of those decisions was to lay off that brand new Project Manager they'd just hired...

That would be me.

So... it's back to unemployment and the never-ending search for a new job... cruising the online job sites, networking and shooting applications and resume`s into that huge black hole where no one really reads them.

 Linkedin and Monster and CareerBuilder, oh my...

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