Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Fair!

It's the day before Halloween and we're up to our asses in snow here in CT.  The first storm of the season hit us yesterday and dropped up to 16 inches of snow over the state. Thousands of people are without power (me included - posting this from a friend's house - Thanks, Geno!)

Before the storm hit, we were all getting ready for Halloween - Son O'Mine and I had a map of the front yard of our planned decorations. Even the Bear was showing off his new Halloween costume.

Boo Bear!

Then, the skies opened and took a dump on us.

The Utilities company has stated that they won't begin making any repairs until tomorrow (Monday) - there are rumblings that the Governor just doesn't want to pay them overtime. The public statement is that they're "assessing the situation Sunday and will begin repairs first thing Monday morning. But... it could take a while." 

We were out on the roads (searching for hot coffee and food) for several hours today and I have to say it  was eerie... Not one utilities truck in sight.  It's almost like an apocalypse... just before the Zombies show up.

Let's hope this is the worst of this season... and not just the beginning.

Trick or Treat, Mother Nature... Trick or Freakin' Treat.

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