Friday, November 4, 2011

Storm Alfred - The Butler did it

Day 3:

Three days after the storm and still no power.   
Each day we venture out to forage for food and due to the extensive damage here, we're forced to turn around and find another route to get where we're heading. It generally takes about 4 tries to get anywhere because the streets are full of splintered trees and downed power lines.

And the new game in CT is "Where's CL&P truck?" They're harder to find than Waldo.

Day 4:

Sparky developed his own method to chart the power recovery process. He leaves a little early for work every morning to scout which Dunkin Donuts shop is open.  Coffee is a big thing here in the Suburbs. We live within 5 miles of at least 9 Dunkin Donuts and 8 smaller independent coffee shops. Suburbia runs on caffeine. At the moment, it's all that stands between us and the complete breakdown of civilization.

Day 5:

Still no power and even the Bear is beginning to show signs of strain.

Power to the Bear!

All in all, people are still relatively civil here. We patiently wait our turns at the intersections with the dark traffic lights. We smile and nod to each other because we all know how powerless (PUN INTENDED) we are. We are at the mercy of CL&P (CT Light & Power). People are helping each other.

But there's a distinct edge appearing. It's most visible each evening when the Governor drags Jeffrey Butler (COO of CL&P) out like a sacrificial lamb and throws him to the press.

At first, the reporters asked polite and respectful questions like "When do you expect power to be restored?"  Butler gave vague and evasive answers that went largely unchallenged.

After 5 days, that's no longer the case. Now he has to field questions like "I heard you can't get help from outside contractors because you didn't pay the bills from Hurricane Irene - is that true?" When he blustered, "Those bills were paid yesterday," another reporter piped up - "Did you pay them within 30 days? If I don't pay my CL&P bill within 30 days I get a nasty letter!!"

Maybe it's all the coffee we're drinking to stay warm.

Day 6:

1:51 PM - Power restored. Bear is happy.

Bear Power!

 Let me clarify - MY power is restored. There are still a couple hundred thousand people in CT without power.

And until that is resolved, each evening the press will snap and snarl at Jeffrey Butler until there's nothing left. He reminds me of Tony Hayward. Remember him? He was the CEO of BP Oil who pissed everyone off by being so arrogant after the Gulf Coast Oil Spill and then capped it with the whine heard around the world, "I want my life back!" BP shipped him off to Siberia (Honest - Google it!). I'm thinking Northeast Utilities (the parent company of CL&P) must be thinking BP had a good idea there.

First thing we did when the power came back? We made a pot of coffee.

Yes, we New Englanders love our coffee. We may politely let you go first at the intersection, we will shovel your walk, bring you food or help you clear that tree, but make no mistake about it - try to cut in line at the Dunkin Donuts and we will Fuck You Up.


  1. I myself am on a Starbucks IV drip.

  2. Ah... the Arch-enemy of Dunkin Donuts! We have a few here but D&D works hard to exterminate them. Caffeine makes the world go round!